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Enjoy seamless Web 3.0 experience at OpenBlock MPC Wallet.
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We are moving towards the world of Web 3.0, a blockchain-based Internet, a path that opens up human creativity and permissionless opportunity. The OpenBlock team released Version 1.0 in June 2022 after a year-long development, a wallet developed for Web 3.0 and dedicated to the vision of building a “Bridge to Parallel Worlds.” Our vision is to allow mainstream users to access the Web 3.0 ecosystem through a relatively standard login method (Web 1.0 & Web 2.0), to store their assets, identity, and data, and to manage users’ Web 3.0 portfolios, from DeFi to NFT, and to discover opportunities. Web 3.0 wallet will focus more on user privacy and security, emphasizing private key management, combined with more encryption measures, better operational logic, and improved user experience. OpenBlock’s design philosophy is: Secure, Simple, and Easy to Use. Secure: – Private key safely managed under the premise that users have complete control of assets; – The lower security risk of on-chain interaction; – The ability to retrieve assets in the event of an irresistible single point of failure. Simple: – Fast responsiveness; – Ability to handle any blockchain and any on-chain asset; – Ability to integrate major financial services. Easy to Use: – Not over-designing; – Not over-emphasizing “Don’t make me think”; – Building the user’s ability to find balance during the Web 3.0 exploration.