Move Name Service

Move Name Service

MNS Maps a human-readable name to a Aptos wallet address and Provides IDs in Aptos & Move ecosystem.

Three values that MNS brings to the ecosystem

  1. Mapping Human-readable names to the Aptos address
  2. Decentralizing websites
  3. Providing IDs that can be used throughout the entire Move ecosystem

    Three problems of DNS which MNS will be solve

    • censorship
    • espionage and privacy breach
    • security concerns

    The first problem is censorship. Websites are being increasingly censored and banned from the internet around the world. For instance, journalistic websites that speak up against existing regimes are banned in several countries. Similarly, several users are denied access to social media. These censorship that traditional DNS enables is a major threat to freedom of information and expression.
    On the other hand, MNS domains point to a distributed registry. Since there is no central data location, it’s impossible to censor MNS domains. Only the website owner can control MNS domain and the website itself.

    The second problem of traditional DNS is espionage and privacy breach. By analyzing the user’s interactions with DNS servers, authorities can monitor their browsing activities. MNS domains enhance the privacy. Espionage is theoretically impossible with MNS domains since interactions are P2P and encrypted.

    The third problem is security concerns of DNS attacks. The traditional DNS architecture is prone to attacks like DNS poisoning. Attackers falsify the data of a DNS server, and consequently users are directed to a fake website instead of the real one. On the other hand, MNS domains are not controlled by a single entity, so it’s much more secure and resistant to cyber attacks.

    By offering solutions to these three problems of DNS, MNS aims to become a widely used domain system throughout the world.

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