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Knoknok is a SocialFi and GameFi platform where users can build their own Web3.0 network, buy and trade NFTs, and monetize social and gaming experiences, such as create social rooms for chatting, live stream, play mini-games with each other, and win KKC tokens (the main utility token of the Knoknok ecosystem).

About Knoknok: Our vision is to create the largest Web3 social gaming platform for mass adoption of crypto native and traditional users. Introducing social-to-earn mechanism to build a truely decentralized open platform for social apps. We are pleased to announce that our Web 3.0 mobile application has officially launched on the Polygon network and is available for download on iOS Appstore and Google Play. Our next major development roadmap is to launch on the Aptos Testnet the next month. Visit to download the application and start building your own Web 3.0 social network. Follow our community to learn more about our plans and progress. Twitter: Discord: Our Team: Founder & CEO – Boz Wang Boz founded Knoknok in 2020, he leads the team and is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and manages business operations. He has been a serial entrepreneur in the social mobile industry. He joined Cheetah Mobile in 2018 and was in charge of the overseas voice social app Alu, growing DAUs from 0 to over millions. In 2019, he founded real-time messaging app Dope. Boz has extensive product to market experience and a vast network in the social mobile industry, particularly in Southeast Asia. CMO – Tiffany Lee Tiffany has been an early VC investor and serial entrepreneur in the blockchain industry since 2018. She was the VP of Investment at Ontology Global Capital and made venture investment in over a dozen blockchain projects over two years. In 2019, she was the CMO of a blockchain security project, where she led the project from 0 to listing on Bithumb, and was eventually acquired by a large crypto exchange in Korea. Currently she leads marketing and financing for Knoknok.

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