Bismuth Galaxy

Heroes of Aptos is a Battle Royale game designed for holders.
Funding: TBA

Players compete with each other on imposing arenas to earn tokens. Players can choose from different characters, classes and decide which one suits their style of play. There will be several modes in the game: Death Match, 5vs5, Open world PVE. First one you can play will be Death Match. After selecting your hero, you enter the game and start your fitght with other heroes and monsters, which will allow you to accumulate experience points that you can use to improve your character. Although each of the heroes is different, they all have a basic attack, four active skills and one passive ability. Heroes of Aptos is a collection of 2500-10000 NFTs, unique digital collectibles minted on the Aptos Blockchain. Each character is unique, made in 4k resolution, based on six high quality characters with different weapons and attributes. Models are ready to play in our game.

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