FoxWallet is an easy-to-use decentralised Web3 wallet that aims at creating an entrance and connection to the Web3 world.

The idea for FoxWallet launch originated from Filecoin developer community by giving a start to FilFox browser and, moving on to creating FoxWallet and, as of now, having integrated with more than 20 chains, including Aptos, with a full Ecosystem support. Focusing on creating a gateway to the Web3 world, FoxWallet combines simplicity of its usage and design with complexity of the features it provides, particularly, mining-related services, updates on on-chain data, NFT support, fiat on-ramps and future staking features. FoxWallet puts a lot of effort into enhancing user Web3 adoption by allowing creating bookmarks for favourited pages and providing an easy-to-use in-app browser for each chain where users can redirect to Ecosystem projects and enjoy their services. Last, but not the least, apart from being a multi-chain wallet, FoxWallet is also a multi-address wallet meaning users can easily create and switch between accounts within any chain they choose. While most of the devs choose to stay incognito, they still take an active part in community life of the project. Our main dev and the project manager is CodeFace. Our BD lead is Natalie and our marketing team is represented by Julie and Aya.

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