Decentralized IDO Launchpad on Aptos Blockchain

AptPad.finance is a project accelerator and IDO launchpad built on the Aptos Blockchain.

Aptpad is on a mission to empower project founders building on the Aptos blockchain to raise capital in a fair and decentralized manner and also provide them with a tailored set of tools and the technology services they require for their long-term success, setting itself apart from other accelerators currently building on Aptos.

We chose to build on Aptos Blockchain due to it’s state of the art smart contract Move programming language, unlimited scalability, top-notch performance and fast TPS.

These factors provide the perfect environment for smart contracts to run smoothly and to scale.

AptPad IDO Launchpad Will FaceLift The DEFi Sector & Give Project Founders Building on Aptos a Fair Chance to Decentralized Funding.

IDOs are enabling decentralized and permission-less crowd-participation, paving the way for a new and improved approach to fundraising. That being said, current retail participants on these platforms rely heavily on distorted or partial crowdfunding advice from sources such as influencers or sponsored press releases.

This can lead to poor choices and an overall lack of control. Following these DeFi crowdfunding practices, it is hard to predict whether a project is the next best thing or a rug pull waiting to happen.

What was supposed to be a powerful tool for the community to be in control has now become an environment where limited players direct the market — gradually stepping away from the core values of decentralization.

How Are We Different?

AptPad is here to break this mould. We are here to unlock possibilities for the long term; Push the market towards a simplified and unified experience.

We are here to empower those who view things differently.

Our mission at AptPad is to accelerate the advent of decentralized funding and the adoption of Aptos blockchain.

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