AptosJet is A Cross-chain DEX based on Aptos Network, AptosJet dedicates to provide users with CEX-level trading experience, supported by game changing HMM core and powerful multi-module components.
What is this project about?
This project is about fair and fast trading and accessibility to all of DeFi from one blockchain. AptosJet is a cross chain DEX on Aptos. Our vision is to become a mega app that provides a one stop solution for liquidity providers and traders for managing and trading assets cross-chain. Our edge will be creating a seamless cross-chain infrastructure, a game changing market making algorithm and a slick & intuitive user interface that is going to greatly enhance the experience of traders & LPs alike and exceed that of CEXs. We will be building our base DEX on Aptos. With a TPS north of 50k and gas costs under 1c, we strongly believe that Aptos is best placed for supporting a high frequency trading ecosystem. With AptosJet we will bridge the fragmented liquidity on DeFi and coupled with Aptos’s throughput we will enable DeFi to scale further unthrottled.
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